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Plans & Materials


I’ve decided to open my unit and lesson plans for teachers who are interested in using ACTFL guidelines to design EFL courses. I have been working over the past two or so years to have better lessons and units for my students, trying many different approaches to teaching. While the ACTFL focuses on foreign languages other than English, I believe there is a value in the UbD practices and thematic programming that can be applied to EFL situations.

Caveats & Licensing

These plans are in progress, and some details of the plans are not complete. I am providing them as-is, under the condition that if you build on or change them, that you please share your versions as well in a pay-it-forward spirit. They are not available for use in any commercial applications. This is also known as the Creative Commons Non-Commercial Share Alike license; the details of which are at the link.

If you do use the plans, have questions about them or feedback, I’d love to hear from you. I am particularly interested in hearing how you use these plans in your classes, and what improvements you make on them so that I can do the same!

The Plans

Novice High>Intermediate Low

Intermediate Mid>Intermediate High